Thursday, August 19, 2010

I know, I know, I'm way behind in my updates...hush, child. Here you will find an update far superior to all prior updates. Read, and be satisfied...

So let me begin by acknowledging my good friend I've known since high school, Michelean Wejbe (or Mikki, as she is fondly addressed by her loved ones). She is, in my opinion, a future hula-hoop champion of the universe. She can do all kinds of crazy advanced tricks, executed with panache and grace...sadly, she lacks the motivation to pursue it any further than as a hobby. Mikki is talented in many areas besides hula hooping, and is destined (and deserves!) to become one of those creative and interesting people that never have to have a "real" job, but are constantly growing creatively and exploring all the different avenues of artistic expression while making a successful living off of her creative endeavors of choice.
Goddamnit, Mikki! Fucking get your shit together and do it!
Mikki is one of those rare women that goes through life traveling, creating, enjoying, experiencing, and doing everything she could possibly get her hands on in terms of trying something new and expanding her mind and self. Never has she been one to give a shit about mind-numbing, pointless things like social climbing, looking "cool", dressing according to what's "in", following the structure of life that is shoved down our throats since birth - you get it.
Mikki is such a fucking unique and special person with the brains and the wit and the imagination to do astounding things with herself; whatever the fuck she wants, in my opinion. I've made it a point to shove this down her throat as often as possible so that she will flourish into the person she deserves to be. She's truly one of the only people I've met in my life that I actually give a shit about whether she becomes something or not - simply because I know that she can. All I can do is give her encouragement and love and hope that she'll continue moving in a direction that'll put her where she deserves to be in life. Until then...sigh...

In other news, I've been living in my new apartment for almost two months, and I'm absolutely loving it! I get so much joy out of doing the simplest tasks like grocery shopping, straightening up and cleaning, laundry, decorating, etc. I'm very domesticated and sort of boring in that I get so much pleasure out of doing simple things like that.
I've developed a system for my grocery shopping and household needs which I happen to think is ingenious...each day or at least every few days, I walk to the grocery store and pick up my food for the day or next few days, such as berries and vegetables (which my diet mostly consists of, in case you were curious). I find it's much easier and less wasteful to purchase produce items with the intention of using them within a day or two - that way they never go bad, and I get a little exercise, fresh air and sunlight on the walk to the store.

In other news regarding my home life, I recently purchased my very first newer, nice car - the first car that I've had that I've been able to choose! It's an '07 Mini Cooper, and when I got it, it had only 26,000 miles on it - not a bad deal at all! I'm so proud of myself and so excited that I'm getting to buy nice things for myself and enjoy my life, rather than just surviving. Getting my own place and buying this car are definitely two very important milestones for me in terms of growing up.

For all you shoe/foot fetishers out there, I've been adding to my collection of sexy heels and would love to share them with you! The first pair was given to me by one of my best friends, Nicole Guererra, who is an amazingly talented photographer. She picked these babies up at an antique shop somewhere in the high desert. They're vintage - probably from the 30's or 40's - and genuine snakeskin. Surprisingly, they were exactly my size and fit my feet perfectly!

Last but not least, here's a plethora of dirty photos which one should expect when perusing the blog of a porn starlet:

Here are a few golden ones! These are from my very first DP (double penetration, i.e. a dick in my pussy, and a dick in my ass, simultaneously! Whoa, imagine that!) It was shot by Mr. Jim Camp and can be found only on, part of the DogFart network.

I was a bit nervous at first to perform the sex act, but I quickly found it to be the single most pleasurable thing I've experienced sexually. I highly recommend it to anyone who is partial to anal, or being treated like a filthy fuck rag.
I also recommend trying it with black men - there's a certain quality that black men possess that make for a totally unique sexual experience. I personally enjoy being used as a filthy fuck pig, complete with having my throat fucked, being tossed around, dominated, and generally acting as a filthy cum dumpster...I have gathered that black men are more than willing to oblige this preference of mine. They seem to enjoy being able to rip apart tiny, fragile white girls like myself...hey, I'm definitely not complaining.

Here are a few more random dirty photos, just for the hell of it. Enjoy! Until next time...ciao! xoxoxoxoxo <3

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update PART ONE: Doll Sex.

Recently, one of my BEST friends, miss Sparky Sin Claire, turned 22! Here are a few awesome photos of us from her party...
Nate and myself...

Sparky and Jeff being super cute, while I encourage others to shed their clothing...

Sparky and me with our free t-shirts...
and again...we are so awesome.
Nate and myself...look at my little Diq Liquor! Also, one of my other best friends Mikki and her foxy roommate.
Molesting Nate while Sparky is confused about who she is dating...
Saluting...? Uhm, a lot of my friends are Jewish...I wasn't really. But anyway, that's Jeff and me being too cool to stay in focus.
Cute one of Sparky and me...
Rapping with Eli Olsberg...
...and again! Don't fuck with Wal-Mart!

Yep, that's our butts. vagina is swallowing my underwear. Classy.
We are just SO goddamn punk it hurts.
Sharing an apparently joyful moment.
In other news, I GOT MY OWN PLAAAACE! My first one EVER all by myself! I am too stoked about this. I will post photos soon...very soon. I haven't blogged much lately due to the overwhelming lack of time I've had to do so, but I promise I'll be more diligent about keeping the world updated on my exploits, which include photos of me in my new apartment with my new goodies I received from fans via Amazon wish list.
Last week, I had the pleasure of working for miss Belladonna for the first time. The setup was so fucking cool - Skin, a fellow Burning Angel,
and I acted as broken dolls sitting in a doll shop with Belladonna as the Jepetto. I had a cast on my leg and sat in a wheelchair, and Skin had a cast on her arm and a bandage wrapped around her head and was laying on a wooden platform. Eventually, we began fucking (obviously) and were given toys which we used to plow eachother's booty holes. Skin is sensational...if you ever have the pleasure of having sex/working with her, I HIGHLY recommend it. I cannot wait to see the scene. I'll post pics as soon as they're released!

So...I have a TON more photos to upload and things to talk about, but I have to go save an infant from an ogre in a castle with a moat surrounding it filled with sharks that are on fire. However, I do have the whole day off tomorrow, and will continue this mind vomiting!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Overdue news.

Quite a bit has happened since my last blog post, and I regret not updating sooner...but, alas, if there is something I am indefinitely it is a procrastinator.

FIRST, I would like to announce with gratitude my being accepted as a brand-new Spiegler girl! Mark Spiegler is, in mine and many other people's opinions, the best agent in porn, not only because of his quality choices in work that he gets for his girls, but also because he treats the girls with respect and dignity and gets to know each girl individually. This is extremely important, and I am very lucky and humbled that I get to work with Mark.

I've finally been able to work consistently enough to the point that I quit my job at Exposed and have thrown stripping out the window completely. Sweet liberation!

My first job as a Spiegler girl was a solo 3D masturbation instruction gig with the porn babe Ashley Fires. Ashley was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable and welcome as she restrained me in a pink bondage straight jacket which revealed my firm tits and forced me into orgasm by holding my favorite vibrator, the Burning Angel slit licker, against my clit while I lay helpless on the doctor's office reclining chair. Mmm...I want that fucking straight jacket.

Last week, I got to work for Evil Angel twice; the first was a super filthy, fucking hot anal scene with Mike Adriano - my second anal scene to date - and the second was a scene for the series 'The Mommy Experience' from Joey Silvera, which was probably my favorite thing I've done so far. I was lucky enough to work with Dia Zerva, who is SUCH a lovely, beautiful woman with a sexuality that just locks your focus onto her. Not to mention her killer, firm, toned body. In the scene, she was teaching me how to dominate my "boyfriend", the professional submissive Kade, by first leading him around by his cock and then doing all kinds of hot, dirty things to him.
Personally, I just LOVE being treated like a degenerate during sex and am not particularly good at being dominant (yet), so Dia was so kind as to take the lead and give me several rigorous slaps in the face while I was riding Kade's cock and flog me while his cock was down my throat, among other hot, blissfully abusive things that made me feel like the filthy, filthy whore that I am. Not only was it my favorite scene I've done but it was also the best threeway I've ever had! At the end of the scene, Kade eagerly received his own hot cum from my mouth into his. Mmm...

Speaking of favorite scenes - I shot for Burning Angel twice a few weeks ago as well. The first was with the VERY fucking hot and charming Sean Michaels. I was REALLY looking forward to this as I've had a Sean Michaels crush for quite a while. Having Sean lead me around by my hair and shove his cock down my throat (well, almost...he's got a monster mastodon dick. But I tried!) was amazing and having my pussy filled with his massive black cock was everything I'd hoped it would be. He was so fucking hot - holy fuck! I've got a few photos to document this epic event.

The second scene I did for Burning Angel was actually for a sister site of theirs called, and it was - obviously - a pov scene with Mr. James Deen...and it was my first anal scene!
(Not to be confused with my first experience with anal sex - I absolutely LOVE anal in my personal life. I feel as if my asshole was crafted especially for anal sex by whatever higher power there may or may not be...I mean, I can fucking take a massive fucking horse cock in there! And the whole goddamn thing! So...I'm pretty much obsessed with things going in and out of my butt.)
It was a very hot experience for James to have made me his anal whore for the afternoon.

Okay...I know I promised some photos from my shoot with Steve Holmes, and here they are!
Me eagerly awaiting Steve's hot German load:

That's all for now!
Whorishly yours,

Tori Lux

Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo fun!

Here are some recent photos of fun things I've done lately...

Sparky Sin Claire and me at breakfast

At lunch with Nate on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Cutting Nate's hair...naked!

Ready for Nate Liquor to devour me!

At a party with Nate

I fucked Steve Holmes for my second shoot on Saturday and it was my best shoot to date (not saying much since it was only my second...but still!) His goofball personality made me laugh and helped to put me at ease, which was good since I was just a tad nervous. He played an aging keyboard player from an 80's band and I played his trophy wife...coincidentally, the movie is called "Trophy Wives" and it's by Nate Liquor for 3rd Degree. Keep a look out for it!

I'll be posting some stills from the scene here later on, so check back very soon! Be warned: I'll have a big German cock penetrating my mouth and vaginal orifice in the photos. Yum!

I'm also pleased to announce that I'll be shooting video for on the 22nd and 23rd, for the first time ever! I couldn't be more excited about this, and also about being able to fuck my boyfriend in a scene on Memorial Day weekend!


Monday, May 3, 2010


Let it be known: I hate men.

Well, I suppose that's a bit too broad...let me rephrase that: I hate strip club patrons.

That being said, I quit my job at the strip club. I'm happy to report that I no longer have to rub my precious flower on a filthy stage for a few crumpled bills several times a night, two to five times a week, for survival. (Okay, so I'm considering trying a new club...but the club I WAS working at is PARTICULARLY heinous, so I've taken the liberty of liberating myself from such a hellhole.)
I don't feel like indulging the gruesome details just yet...maybe another time.

The purpose of this blog entry is to mark the progress I've made in accomplishing my goal of becoming FIRMLY established in the adult film industry, and I would like to write it with a more POSITIVE tone than any strip club story would allow.

Recently I shot my very first scene, a standard b/g scene shot by my boyfriend, Nate Liquor, and performed with the German porn actor Sascha. My nerves were running amok that day I suppose, but that's typical. Otherwise, the scene went well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'm proud to have accomplished my very first scene.

My second-ever scene, another b/g scene, is this Saturday and I've got two more, both b/g, at the end of the month for I ALSO get to fuck my boyfriend in a scene on Memorial Day Weekend! How exciting is that? Getting paid to fuck the person you enjoy fucking the most, your significant other?
I'm BEYOND excited, so much that I need a new pair of panties, I'm afraid...

I've altered my diet/exercise regime quite a bit, in hopes of achieving a Belladonna-esque physique...not just for porn, but for my general health and well being. I'm trying to stick with almost all raw fruits and vegetables, hard boiled eggs, tofu, etc. My diet's been consisting mainly of protien, fiber, and vitamin-rich things. I've been avoiding dairy, fat, sugar, and most meat, and drinking a ton of water.

Are there any secret elixirs out there that I don't know about, any particularly cleansing/energizing ones, or ones that boost your immune system? I love learning about this stuff! If you know of anything, I'm open to suggestions.

Until next time...TL

Friday, April 9, 2010

The first of many stripper stories

So, a stripper walks into a bar, dresses for work and clocks in.

Uhm...there's not really a punchline to go with this, as it's sadly NOT a joke. This is a typical weeknight at Xposed in Canoga Park, and I am aforementioned stripper.

Last night - I'm dressed for work, smoking, preparing myself mentally for another grueling night of drunk, greasy, broke, unattractive, men and even broker (sic), but adorable, 18 - 24 year olds.
A stripper and I are discussing (for the second night in a row) the possibility of the existence of the secret society, the Illuminati. The conversation consists of me, the curious skeptic (I am a walking contradiction, this seems to be a pattern with me) and the other, shinier, ditsier, pop-culture diabetic stripper who seems to know all the secrets of the universe. She is called "Sweetness." She is divulging to me, in a cloud of cigarette/marijuana smoke and marshmallow/cotton candy-scented body spray, the secrets of the Illuminati and Free Masons.

As much knowledge as someone on our socioeconomic level is allowed, anyway, but she seems to enjoy portraying herself as someone with money, so of COURSE she knows what she's talking about! She simply MUST!
She seems to be the most versed in the perks one enjoys when joining a secret society, such as not having to wait in line for clubs, shitloads of money, access to this and that, blah blah blah. Super high-class broad, she is.

So I go on stage, am tipped by a man - surprise surprise! But more specifically: middle-aged, probably mid-40's, upper-middle class, business type with salt-and-pepper hair (ugh...I hate that term). Typical Canoga Park businessman douche bag.

Later on I notice on the security cam in the DJ booth that Sweetness is giving salt-and-pepper man a lap dance. Nothing unusual about this - just an observation.

Fast forward thirty minutes - I am scoping the club for poor schmucks to give me their money while I grind on their lap topless or nude for a VERY short period of time. This is what is lovingly referred to as the "lap dance." It's the best source of income for a stripper, and being a girl who doesn't like to waste time, I was utilizing every opportunity to make this concept a reality.
I walk up to the salt-and-pepper man. We're discussing the thing I brought up earlier, you know, the "lap dance" thing. I am inquiring whether or not this brilliant specimen, this shining example of a man, would like for me to perform one for him, but with haste, because we were entering the last moments of the two-for-one lap dance special.
Smiling and reeking of Hugo Boss, he smiled a laser-whitened yuppie smile which shone brighter than the silver chain snaking through his salt-and-pepper chest hair. "Are you gonna let me slip my fingers in your pussy?"
I looked at him with disgust. "Do I have to let you put your fingers in my pussy in order to get a lap dance with you?"
He replied something to the effect of "yes" and I walked off, very slightly irritated but not surprised or fazed. (I then told my manager, because let it be known that I am a tattletale and if you bring your ass to my club and ask for sexual favors I will have you thrown out.)

I then realized that Sweetness, the high-class, intelligent, woman who is so well-versed in the finer things, must have been on the receiving end of some salt-and-pepper fingers very recently...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is my moment of birth.

My plans for this year are as follows:
  • Take the next necessary steps into porn
  • Enroll in a web design program at a community college
  • Fix my slightly bruised credit
  • Take over the world
  • know, the usual shit.

If you are able to read, you're probably aware at this point in this particular blog entry that I'm slowly making my way into porn. My 'porn mentor' suggested I create a blog, and since he doles out such sterling advice usually, I decided it was a good idea. I also happen to love writing for its emotional decongestant effects, the abilities to see things from a new perspective and to analyze things, etc.

So I suppose now would be a good time to introduce myself.

Hello! I'm Tori Lux, formerly Tori Lee. I've wanted to do porn for years, and I did thorough research on porn for a long time before I made my decision (although I continue to research it).

I had my very first fully nude photo shoot in December for, and I've done one handjob video for an unrelated company. My first b/g sex scene is scheduled for April 22, and I am so many variations of excited and nervous, I feel as if I may burst! I'm experiencing a lethal combination of excitement, intrigue, intimidation, and arousal in knowing that I'll finally get to express myself sexually on film and push my sexual boundaries. I hope I can help make a lot of women feel like powerful, sexual beings. I have many goals and hopes for working in the porn industry...I'll go a lot more in depth with them as this blog progresses. Until next time...

xo Tori Lux