Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Overdue news.

Quite a bit has happened since my last blog post, and I regret not updating sooner...but, alas, if there is something I am indefinitely it is a procrastinator.

FIRST, I would like to announce with gratitude my being accepted as a brand-new Spiegler girl! Mark Spiegler is, in mine and many other people's opinions, the best agent in porn, not only because of his quality choices in work that he gets for his girls, but also because he treats the girls with respect and dignity and gets to know each girl individually. This is extremely important, and I am very lucky and humbled that I get to work with Mark.

I've finally been able to work consistently enough to the point that I quit my job at Exposed and have thrown stripping out the window completely. Sweet liberation!

My first job as a Spiegler girl was a solo 3D masturbation instruction gig with the porn babe Ashley Fires. Ashley was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable and welcome as she restrained me in a pink bondage straight jacket which revealed my firm tits and forced me into orgasm by holding my favorite vibrator, the Burning Angel slit licker, against my clit while I lay helpless on the doctor's office reclining chair. Mmm...I want that fucking straight jacket.

Last week, I got to work for Evil Angel twice; the first was a super filthy, fucking hot anal scene with Mike Adriano - my second anal scene to date - and the second was a scene for the series 'The Mommy Experience' from Joey Silvera, which was probably my favorite thing I've done so far. I was lucky enough to work with Dia Zerva, who is SUCH a lovely, beautiful woman with a sexuality that just locks your focus onto her. Not to mention her killer, firm, toned body. In the scene, she was teaching me how to dominate my "boyfriend", the professional submissive Kade, by first leading him around by his cock and then doing all kinds of hot, dirty things to him.
Personally, I just LOVE being treated like a degenerate during sex and am not particularly good at being dominant (yet), so Dia was so kind as to take the lead and give me several rigorous slaps in the face while I was riding Kade's cock and flog me while his cock was down my throat, among other hot, blissfully abusive things that made me feel like the filthy, filthy whore that I am. Not only was it my favorite scene I've done but it was also the best threeway I've ever had! At the end of the scene, Kade eagerly received his own hot cum from my mouth into his. Mmm...

Speaking of favorite scenes - I shot for Burning Angel twice a few weeks ago as well. The first was with the VERY fucking hot and charming Sean Michaels. I was REALLY looking forward to this as I've had a Sean Michaels crush for quite a while. Having Sean lead me around by my hair and shove his cock down my throat (well, almost...he's got a monster mastodon dick. But I tried!) was amazing and having my pussy filled with his massive black cock was everything I'd hoped it would be. He was so fucking hot - holy fuck! I've got a few photos to document this epic event.

The second scene I did for Burning Angel was actually for a sister site of theirs called POVpunx.com, and it was - obviously - a pov scene with Mr. James Deen...and it was my first anal scene!
(Not to be confused with my first experience with anal sex - I absolutely LOVE anal in my personal life. I feel as if my asshole was crafted especially for anal sex by whatever higher power there may or may not be...I mean, I can fucking take a massive fucking horse cock in there! And the whole goddamn thing! So...I'm pretty much obsessed with things going in and out of my butt.)
It was a very hot experience for James to have made me his anal whore for the afternoon.

Okay...I know I promised some photos from my shoot with Steve Holmes, and here they are!
Me eagerly awaiting Steve's hot German load:

That's all for now!
Whorishly yours,

Tori Lux