Thursday, August 19, 2010

I know, I know, I'm way behind in my updates...hush, child. Here you will find an update far superior to all prior updates. Read, and be satisfied...

So let me begin by acknowledging my good friend I've known since high school, Michelean Wejbe (or Mikki, as she is fondly addressed by her loved ones). She is, in my opinion, a future hula-hoop champion of the universe. She can do all kinds of crazy advanced tricks, executed with panache and grace...sadly, she lacks the motivation to pursue it any further than as a hobby. Mikki is talented in many areas besides hula hooping, and is destined (and deserves!) to become one of those creative and interesting people that never have to have a "real" job, but are constantly growing creatively and exploring all the different avenues of artistic expression while making a successful living off of her creative endeavors of choice.
Goddamnit, Mikki! Fucking get your shit together and do it!
Mikki is one of those rare women that goes through life traveling, creating, enjoying, experiencing, and doing everything she could possibly get her hands on in terms of trying something new and expanding her mind and self. Never has she been one to give a shit about mind-numbing, pointless things like social climbing, looking "cool", dressing according to what's "in", following the structure of life that is shoved down our throats since birth - you get it.
Mikki is such a fucking unique and special person with the brains and the wit and the imagination to do astounding things with herself; whatever the fuck she wants, in my opinion. I've made it a point to shove this down her throat as often as possible so that she will flourish into the person she deserves to be. She's truly one of the only people I've met in my life that I actually give a shit about whether she becomes something or not - simply because I know that she can. All I can do is give her encouragement and love and hope that she'll continue moving in a direction that'll put her where she deserves to be in life. Until then...sigh...

In other news, I've been living in my new apartment for almost two months, and I'm absolutely loving it! I get so much joy out of doing the simplest tasks like grocery shopping, straightening up and cleaning, laundry, decorating, etc. I'm very domesticated and sort of boring in that I get so much pleasure out of doing simple things like that.
I've developed a system for my grocery shopping and household needs which I happen to think is ingenious...each day or at least every few days, I walk to the grocery store and pick up my food for the day or next few days, such as berries and vegetables (which my diet mostly consists of, in case you were curious). I find it's much easier and less wasteful to purchase produce items with the intention of using them within a day or two - that way they never go bad, and I get a little exercise, fresh air and sunlight on the walk to the store.

In other news regarding my home life, I recently purchased my very first newer, nice car - the first car that I've had that I've been able to choose! It's an '07 Mini Cooper, and when I got it, it had only 26,000 miles on it - not a bad deal at all! I'm so proud of myself and so excited that I'm getting to buy nice things for myself and enjoy my life, rather than just surviving. Getting my own place and buying this car are definitely two very important milestones for me in terms of growing up.

For all you shoe/foot fetishers out there, I've been adding to my collection of sexy heels and would love to share them with you! The first pair was given to me by one of my best friends, Nicole Guererra, who is an amazingly talented photographer. She picked these babies up at an antique shop somewhere in the high desert. They're vintage - probably from the 30's or 40's - and genuine snakeskin. Surprisingly, they were exactly my size and fit my feet perfectly!

Last but not least, here's a plethora of dirty photos which one should expect when perusing the blog of a porn starlet:

Here are a few golden ones! These are from my very first DP (double penetration, i.e. a dick in my pussy, and a dick in my ass, simultaneously! Whoa, imagine that!) It was shot by Mr. Jim Camp and can be found only on, part of the DogFart network.

I was a bit nervous at first to perform the sex act, but I quickly found it to be the single most pleasurable thing I've experienced sexually. I highly recommend it to anyone who is partial to anal, or being treated like a filthy fuck rag.
I also recommend trying it with black men - there's a certain quality that black men possess that make for a totally unique sexual experience. I personally enjoy being used as a filthy fuck pig, complete with having my throat fucked, being tossed around, dominated, and generally acting as a filthy cum dumpster...I have gathered that black men are more than willing to oblige this preference of mine. They seem to enjoy being able to rip apart tiny, fragile white girls like myself...hey, I'm definitely not complaining.

Here are a few more random dirty photos, just for the hell of it. Enjoy! Until next time...ciao! xoxoxoxoxo <3