Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update PART ONE: Doll Sex.

Recently, one of my BEST friends, miss Sparky Sin Claire, turned 22! Here are a few awesome photos of us from her party...
Nate and myself...

Sparky and Jeff being super cute, while I encourage others to shed their clothing...

Sparky and me with our free t-shirts...
and again...we are so awesome.
Nate and myself...look at my little Diq Liquor! Also, one of my other best friends Mikki and her foxy roommate.
Molesting Nate while Sparky is confused about who she is dating...
Saluting...? Uhm, a lot of my friends are Jewish...I wasn't really. But anyway, that's Jeff and me being too cool to stay in focus.
Cute one of Sparky and me...
Rapping with Eli Olsberg...
...and again! Don't fuck with Wal-Mart!

Yep, that's our butts. vagina is swallowing my underwear. Classy.
We are just SO goddamn punk it hurts.
Sharing an apparently joyful moment.
In other news, I GOT MY OWN PLAAAACE! My first one EVER all by myself! I am too stoked about this. I will post photos soon...very soon. I haven't blogged much lately due to the overwhelming lack of time I've had to do so, but I promise I'll be more diligent about keeping the world updated on my exploits, which include photos of me in my new apartment with my new goodies I received from fans via Amazon wish list.
Last week, I had the pleasure of working for miss Belladonna for the first time. The setup was so fucking cool - Skin, a fellow Burning Angel,
and I acted as broken dolls sitting in a doll shop with Belladonna as the Jepetto. I had a cast on my leg and sat in a wheelchair, and Skin had a cast on her arm and a bandage wrapped around her head and was laying on a wooden platform. Eventually, we began fucking (obviously) and were given toys which we used to plow eachother's booty holes. Skin is sensational...if you ever have the pleasure of having sex/working with her, I HIGHLY recommend it. I cannot wait to see the scene. I'll post pics as soon as they're released!

So...I have a TON more photos to upload and things to talk about, but I have to go save an infant from an ogre in a castle with a moat surrounding it filled with sharks that are on fire. However, I do have the whole day off tomorrow, and will continue this mind vomiting!


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  1. Very cool. Sounds like your progression into the porn world is going well. what would you say has been the most surprising thing you've encountered so far, or has it been as you imagined?