Monday, May 3, 2010


Let it be known: I hate men.

Well, I suppose that's a bit too broad...let me rephrase that: I hate strip club patrons.

That being said, I quit my job at the strip club. I'm happy to report that I no longer have to rub my precious flower on a filthy stage for a few crumpled bills several times a night, two to five times a week, for survival. (Okay, so I'm considering trying a new club...but the club I WAS working at is PARTICULARLY heinous, so I've taken the liberty of liberating myself from such a hellhole.)
I don't feel like indulging the gruesome details just yet...maybe another time.

The purpose of this blog entry is to mark the progress I've made in accomplishing my goal of becoming FIRMLY established in the adult film industry, and I would like to write it with a more POSITIVE tone than any strip club story would allow.

Recently I shot my very first scene, a standard b/g scene shot by my boyfriend, Nate Liquor, and performed with the German porn actor Sascha. My nerves were running amok that day I suppose, but that's typical. Otherwise, the scene went well and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'm proud to have accomplished my very first scene.

My second-ever scene, another b/g scene, is this Saturday and I've got two more, both b/g, at the end of the month for I ALSO get to fuck my boyfriend in a scene on Memorial Day Weekend! How exciting is that? Getting paid to fuck the person you enjoy fucking the most, your significant other?
I'm BEYOND excited, so much that I need a new pair of panties, I'm afraid...

I've altered my diet/exercise regime quite a bit, in hopes of achieving a Belladonna-esque physique...not just for porn, but for my general health and well being. I'm trying to stick with almost all raw fruits and vegetables, hard boiled eggs, tofu, etc. My diet's been consisting mainly of protien, fiber, and vitamin-rich things. I've been avoiding dairy, fat, sugar, and most meat, and drinking a ton of water.

Are there any secret elixirs out there that I don't know about, any particularly cleansing/energizing ones, or ones that boost your immune system? I love learning about this stuff! If you know of anything, I'm open to suggestions.

Until next time...TL

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